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Cottonmouth Snakes

You will realize that cottonmouth snakes got their name from the fluffy mouth that they often feature. It is also referred to as the water moccasin. You will realize that it has a distinctive triangular head and a blocky body. You will easily find these snakes near or around water sources. It is imperative to indicate that they do reproduce in autumn or spring. Their gestation period is only three months after which they give birth to around ten young ones. These young ones will often feature a bright tail that is meant to entice their prey. This color will tend to fade away as they grow.

These snakes are known to have very unique features. Such snakes will in most cases be quite large. In most cases you will find that they are 0.8 meters in length. It is not uncommon to find that the males are longer than the females. In most cases, they are dark in color with tones of brown or even black. They will every so often be characterized by a dorsal banding pattern. This will however tend to fade away as the snake grows. You will also learn that the underside will every so often be white or cream. You need to keep in mind that their heads will in most cases be in one color.

You will learn that these snakes are often aggressive. Based on the fact that they are venomous, these snakes can actually be very dangerous. However, studies indicate that they often a behavioral response where they try to escape when under attack. Some of them will try to scare away their attackers. Such snakes will often warn their predator through a smile. These snakes will however crawl away in the event that they are left alone. These snakes are known to feed on fish, birds and small mammals. These snakes pride in the ability to hunt regardless of the time of the day. This is because it has pits that will help it to sense the presence of warm-blooded animals.

As earlier mentioned, these snakes are venomous. This is what makes it necessary for you to avoid rattling them. It is important for you to understand that this venom is hemotoxic. This implies that the venom will aim at the destruction of red blood cells. It is necessary to understand that the victim will die in case he is not treated immediately. You will also note that it has the ability to inflict a dry bite. This means that it might fail to inject any venom into a victim.

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